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NANO Shield Waterproof Jacket v2.0 (Unisex)

NANO Shield Waterproof Jacket v2.0 (Unisex)

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Introducing the NanoShield Waterproof Jacket - Your Ultimate Breathable Shield. 

Engineered for optimal comfort, this jacket redefines performance with its unparalleled breathability and featherlight design. 

- Waterproof rating of 12,000mm, with a breathability 32,000g/m2/24h

- Complies with mandatory equipment requirements for UTMB.

  • Triple-Layered Waterproof Fabric: With a waterproof rating of 12000mm, the jacket utilizes a three-layer construction. A waterproof and breathable membrane is sandwiched between a durable outer shell and a soft inner lining. This unique membrane is created using a proprietary spray process, making it a truly breathable waterproof fabric.


  • Unparalleled Breathability: The Nano breathable membrane features numerous nano-sized pores, preventing water droplets from penetrating while allowing air to escape. This ensures optimal protection against heavy rain while keeping the interior of the jacket dry and comfortable.


  • Contoured Cuff Design: The hoof-shaped cuffs conform to the curvature of your wrists, preventing slipping and keeping out wind and rain.


  • Adjustable Waterproof Hood: The SHIMADA Adjustment System allows for precise millimeter-level adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit for different head sizes and shapes.


  • Windproof Fasteners: Secure the front zipper and snap on the windproof fasteners to prevent cold winds from entering and dissipating excessive heat from within the jacket.


  • Infinite Adjustment Hem: Customize the fit according to your preference using the SHIMANA Adjustment System, allowing for a personalized and comfortable fit.
Experience the ultimate combination of waterproof protection and breathability with the NanoShield Waterproof Jacket. Defy the elements and stay dry, comfortable, and stylish in any weather condition.

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