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Men's FlexFit 1/2-Length Running Tights V3.0 (7''inseam)

Men's FlexFit 1/2-Length Running Tights V3.0 (7''inseam)

  • Incredible Storage Capacity: These tights are designed to carry everything you need with ease. The waistband features a spacious and high-strength compartment to securely hold your soft flask (250ml), energy gels, phone, and more. Stay fully loaded without any unnecessary movement or discomfort.
  • Side Pockets: We've enhanced the storage space on both sides of the tights for quick and convenient access to your essentials, making refuelling on the go easier than ever.
  • Four-Way Stretch Fabric: Experience unparalleled comfort with our four-way stretch fabric that offers just the right amount of elasticity, providing zero-gravity embrace and exceptional freedom of movement. Perfect for both long-stride and high-frequency runners.
  • Seamless Silicone Grips: Enhanced with discreet point-shaped silicone grips at the cuffs, our pants offer improved breathability for ultimate skin comfort. Say goodbye to riding up and folding issues during your runs.
  • Thigh Coverage for Maximum Comfort: The length of the tights provides optimal coverage, protecting your thighs from friction and chafing during intense workouts.
  • Reduced Friction Risks: Featuring an independent front crotch panel structure, our pants minimize the risk of chafing in the groin area. Compared to traditional triangular liners, whether you wear underwear or not, you'll enjoy enhanced comfort and breathability.
  • Innovative Design: The innovative front gusset panel offers enhanced comfort compared to traditional triangular liners, ensuring a comfortable fit with or without underwear.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Made with a high-stretch, moisture-wicking fabric containing up to 40% spandex, these shorts rapidly pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Waist Drawstring: The waistband features a drawstring hole to prevent friction and irritation on the lower abdomen, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit without any discomfort.

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Pockets have tons of space, super light and breathable

Victor Amaya

Hola!! Los artículos me encantaron, tenía mis dudas al principio ya que anteriormente había pedido con otras empresas chinas y no tuve la misma impresión, creo como comentario deberían de poner más variedad en productos y piezas, y talvez aún algo más complejo el tiempo de envío, pero repito me encanto supero mis expectativas la ropa solicitada, felicidades


Loved the quality, definitely will buy again

Jaime Albares

Men's FlexFit 1/2-Length Running Tights

Ruben Martinez Fuente
Amazing. I love it!!!

I love blue and black short. Very confortable