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Women's Running Shorts PowerPouch Fusion (V2.0)

Women's Running Shorts PowerPouch Fusion (V2.0)

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Designed for marathon and trail running enthusiasts who seek ultimate functionality and freedom.
  • Hands-free running: With a total of six pockets strategically placed around the waist, you can effortlessly store your essentials such as your phone, energy gels, and even a soft flask without any unnecessary bouncing. Stay focused and run with ease.
  • Phone protection: The back pocket is equipped with waterproof and sweat-resistant features to protect your phone from rain or sweat.
  • Enhanced elasticity: Crafted with an impressive 32% spandex content, these shorts provide a 1.5x increase in fabric elasticity, allowing for unrestricted stride length and movement.
  • Reduced stickiness: Unique woven structure minimizes fabric contact with the skin, reducing the sticky sensation caused by excessive sweating. 

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